Monday, December 20, 2010

Vicky Shick

Dance Spirit Magazine recently asked readers to tell them who their dance idol is. I have many:

Susan Klein
Bill T. Jones
Julia Ritter
Pina Bausch
Asli Bulbul
Savion Glover
Marybeth Eibeler

And the list can go on and on, but the first name that popped in my head was Vicky Shick. Her quiet humility and generosity spill into her work and she has an amazingly resilient body. I liked what Vicky had to say about her work and the journey her life has taken through dance.

Although I have been in America since age five, the effects of growing up in a displaced household of mostly women remain with me, even now. I'm often surprised that the urge to somehow touch this dislocation continues to preoccupy me. In my choreography, I want to build a vivid and evocative visual landscape in a delicately skewed and spare world. More than movement invention, my fascination lies in refining a physical language to reveal persona and mood. I'm haunted by small details. For the past decade, I have had the wonderful privilege of sharing an intimate dialogue with and inhabiting dances in the clothing and set pieces of collaborating visual artist, Barbara Kilpatrick. My work has really been our work. I cherish the rigor and odd luxury of everyday dance-work. Performing in, teaching, and seeing the dances of others in our community has been a deep pleasure and honor. - Vicky Shick

Vicky Shick and Diane Madden perform a tribute to Trisha Brown.


  1. i love that MBE is one of your dance idols
    i agree with pina and savion
    never thought about who my dance idols were....

  2. MBE, she was really something- i saw her perform julia ritter's 'blue honey sky' and what can i say- i fell in love!